What is the estimated shipping time for my order?

Your order is estimated to arrive within 3 to 9 working days. Please note that this estimate may vary depending on factors such as your location.


What size should I order?

When buying online it can be hard to know what's the perfect size for you, so in order to make sure you can order your garment with the perfect fit, we have made sure to add a sizing guide below all items on the website. 


Can I modify my order?

If at the time of placing the order you have made a mistake putting wrong information,  contact us via our contact form or send us a mail to info@belpaese.store with the changes you want to make and we’ll get to it. 

Attention! We need you to indicate the buyer’s order number, mail and full name.


Can I cancel my order?

If your order has not left our warehouse yet, we can refund the amount and cancel it. However, if your order has been prepared, you will have to receive it and proceed to return it in order to be refunded.

In order to check if we can cancel your order before it is prepared, contact us via our contact form or send us a mail to info@belpaese.store to confirm it.


I didn’t receive my order, what happened?

Our logistics operator will contact you if there is a failed delivery, to make sure you receive it as soon as possible. If you prefer, you can contact the transport services that are processing your order by calling or through their website to arrange a new delivery. 

There are two main reasons why you may not have received your order: 

Wrong address: we recommend checking if the provided address is correct.

Failed deliveries: our logistics operator will try up 3 times to deliver the package. If you still need help, feel free to contact us via our contact form or send us a mail to info@belpaese.store.